Weapons Offences

What is a Weapon Offence?

Weapons Offences refer to charges relating to the illegal possession or use of items that meet the description of a ‘weapon’ as defined in the Criminal Code of Canada.  This could be as simple as a water bottle to a knife or firearm.

Most weapon offences involve police searches.  In some cases, a weapons charge may be in addition to another charge such as assault or drug charges.

Common weapons charges are possession, concealed carry, a Firearm offence which includes careless use of a gun.  Firearms offense refers to allegations of improper possession or use of a gun.  The Crown has to prove that a person had control of a weapon and knowledge of what it was.

There are various ways to defend Weapons Offences and the Criminal Defense lawyers Connolly & Associates have several years of experience doing that with positive outcomes.


  • Jail sentence
  • Costly fines
  • Confiscation of firearms
  • Prohibition from owning a firearm
  • Permanent criminal record

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